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Hideotronic Pretend


Fresh from the Hideotronic headquarters and initially more retro-electronic than ever before, the brand new single Pretend intrigues and quickly explodes into action as its brightness and melody work hard to embrace listeners.

Featuring a simple and satisfying verse melody, descending at the end of each line and proving easily addictive in classic Hideotronic fashion, the song goes on to continue walking the line between explorative sound-play and accessible, engaging songwriting.

Pretend is a powerful single right about now. On the surface, it feels like a timeless summer hit, ready and waiting to light up the room. Underneath this though, that hook line resounds in a provocative fashion – Just keep pretending, that everything’s alright…

It’s a poignant thought, particularly this year, and on the one hand it can be a useful tool – don’t focus on the negatives, just keep returning to your happy place. On the other hand, the song brings in further details, and reminds us that this process is a means of detaching from reality, and perhaps there’s a limit to how long we can safely do it for.

In either case, the music presents a superb sense of brightness and optimism, complete with a multi-layered soundscape and sax solo, injecting an M83-esque, euphoric energy into the room, and all the while prompting a slightly deeper level of consideration should you choose to focus in on the concept.

Another beauty from Hideotronic. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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