Life-long musician and early grunge pioneer from the Seattle area Kevin Wood has played in a plethora of bands over the years. His catalogue spans the decades and showcases an unquestionable connection to rock musicianship. We caught an interview with him to dig a little deeper into his journey and experiences across the musical eras. … Continued


The music presents a superb sense of brightness & optimism, complete with a multi-layered soundscape & sax solo, injecting an M83-esque, euphoric energy into the room, and all the while prompting a slightly deeper level of consideration.

Tackling capitalism in a genuine, heartfelt and emotive manner, Funny takes seemingly simple concepts and references, and prompts you to take a moment to really look inwards and figure out what truly matters in life.

Electro PopPopSongwriter

This classic rock set up is rewarded with a big message and a big title: Love Never Fails. A simple, effective and memorable melody, initially picked out by guitar at the top of the track, is pinned down by the vocal through the chorus, while smart chord changes do all the heavy lifting – creating … Continued