Subtle but effective is the best way, so these scattered echos and riffs, the space, the calm presentation of swagger – all of this feels relatable yet fresh, inspired by the greats yet not overly influenced or affected by them.


1985 is a digitally vibrant collection of songs rightfully inspired by the time offered in its title. The artist Us3r, AKA Kristian, has comprised the project with a certain electronic aura, but within this is an impressive display of songwriting that consistently offers something fresh and new to explore. 

EDMElectronic RockElectronica

This EP is insane – every song is an epic anthem of classic rock, but it’s also never quite as you’d expect. Strangely Alright aren’t afraid to fill the moment with creativity & unpredictable instrumentation. A brilliantly well presented, uplifting collection that marks a huge moment in the band’s journey. 

RockRock & Roll

You can really lose yourself in this album as a playlist, the music is thick & loud & lets you escape reality, but at the same time – the songs deal with issues of the heart; things that matter, things that affect people.

Progressive RockRock

The album explodes onto the scene with infectious, energizing guitars & drums, supported & guided by a leading vocalist who was surely born to be in a rock band.


Disobey is the infectiously energizing new album from hard rockers The Refusers. It’s loaded with songs that boldly bring together nostalgia & now, with impressive, expressive musicianship at every turn.