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Follow The Crow Follow The Crow, Vol. 1


Softly raining down amidst the implied crackle of vintage vinyl, Follow The Crow pair piano and acoustic guitar across an evocative soundscape of subtle but immersive intimacy and contemplation.

Lost in Time is the opening song of the new three-track EP Follow the Crow, Vol. 1, and holds attention impressively for its evolution from this striking instrumental introduction through a fully loaded strings, rhythm and vocal arrangement.

The song blends these artistic qualities and the distinct sound of the leading voice with an effective and memorable hook resolve, the alternative and the broadly relatable intertwining amidst a poetic and increasingly passionate production. Weave in the kick drum and additional rhythms, the warmth and the power of the final third’s groove, plus these long-form verse melodies, and the whole thing creates an emotional and uplifting realm of its own.

Somewhat mildly reminiscent of both Ani DiFranco and Rusted Root, but ultimately not adhering to either comparison for long, Follow The Crow build their sound upon feelings and reflections unique to themselves, and the brilliance of the musicianship in unison with that makes for a beautifully all-encompassing listen.

We move into the title track next, atmospheric panning and gentle finger-picking setting a new mood but maintaining the raw essence of the project. The voice returns, that rasp and depth, these poetic images and memories – the intimacy and vastness intertwined. Beautifully intoxicating from the outset, a familiar melody, a sense of vulnerability and longing to escape.

Coming in at over 5.5 minutes in full, Follow The Crow again presents an artistic wealth of design and declaration, taking full advantage of the value of space and calm intermittently alongside the comfort and melody of the music. And later on, we progress into a near-sci-fi aura of heavy bass, beat and synth combination, and the melody and lyrics shift for an entirely new dynamic – an intense degree of marching towards some inescapable ultimatum.

In terms of subject matter, there’s an intriguing vagueness to many of the lyrics on this EP, an inspiring depth of wonder that feels aptly linked to the timeless poetic legends of eras past. This quality is rare in modern music, and should be treasured – particularly when the music itself skilfully holds close to the same creative purity and purpose.

Follow The Crow, Vol. 1 completes its journey with the more hopeful tones of The Empty Canvas. Here we can simply relax into the beauty of rhythm, melody and observation, being at peace within the natural appeal of Follow The Crow’s style and sound, and trusting the gentle optimism of the music and performance to wrap up this experience in a way that soothes and inspires.

Follow The Crow, Vol. 1 is something of a fearlessly complex yet pristinely focused EP. The whole thing is a pleasure to lose yourself within, and manages to achieve the uncommon status of feeling both boldly alternative and broadly relatable in style and substance alike. The writing feels personal but accessible, inclusive and welcoming – sometimes heart-breaking, often uplifting. It begs for you to listen more than once, an honest folk quality akin to the likes of Bon Iver, and when you do, it rewards you with a whole new world of emotion and thought. A mini-masterpiece of sorts, and a dream to delve into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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