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DJ Super Will Lady Paradise (Feat. Sledge & Marco Vernice)


Catchy and colourful good vibes from a timeless DJ Super Will bring dancehall to centre stage amidst an energising arrangement – introducing the memorable Lady Paradise.

DJ Super Will collaborates with Sledge and Marco Vernice for this unique fusion of genres, progressing through a humble three-twenty-four with a clear edge of creative freedom.

The production veers off into retro-electronic realms during the central section, always resolving back to those familiar vocal dashes though, and later bringing in an unexpected rap verse for the latter half – an impressively smooth, recognisable performance that lights up the song in a whole new way.

With nostalgic, simple keys for the chord progression, and a consistent air of the carefree and the committed walking hand-in-hand, Lady Paradise promises both uniquely interesting sound-design and the easy embrace of a strong groove and hook.

Feeling like far more of a journey than its average lifespan implies, Lady Paradise offers more than few artistic changes in direction – ultimately leaving you keen to replay it, to recapture any moments missed.

By no means the first hit of identity from his corner, DJ Super Will’s catalogue is expanding at pace.

Midnight Thoughts was the first to connect, then there’s the tribal warmth and rhythm of Hazel, with Amy Gedgaudas – a euphoric dance-pop track celebrating still that undeniable Super Will edge of personality.

At the other end of the spectrum, classic and hard-hitting house music reaches out with presence and addictive energy for the mighty summer single Glitchy Gal. A natural favourite, the track raises the pulse and the roof in one stylish move. Rather than adhering to expectation though, as the opening moments of familiarity might imply, Will makes sure to veer off into freedom of expression once again, with a drop that completely mixes things up.

Pre-save the single Lady Paradise for October 22nd here.

Check out DJ Super Will here or via Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, TikTok, Soundcloud & his Website. Check out the Label Trashed Panda via Facebook, Soundcloud & their Website.

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