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Diamond Lake Light On


Fresh from the EP Changes, Light On is a song that starts off on a strong foot and continues to grow and engage you further as it progresses.

Diamond Lake present themselves as a thoughtful band, with a sound rooted partly in organic pop-rock and partly in the grittier, grungier anthems of yesteryear. There’s a hint of familiarity to this vocal tone, and indeed to these short, descending lines that guide you through the song. Certain alternative hits from the nineties come to mind, nothing overly specific though – just enough of that nostalgia to really appeal and connect.

Though the verses are less satisfying than the hook, that contrast undoubtedly plays a part in letting this hook stand as tall as it does. The music drops in to showcase a rising intensity as the chorus approaches, warmth emerges with that, and the overall energy of the drums and the vocals also begins to peak. This moment rightfully resolves everything that was touched upon before – the melody, the concept, the uncertainty and the vocal grit; there’s a fully-formed aura to this hook, it bursts onto the scene with the weight and vibrancy of a pop-rock classic. For these reasons, there’s a lot of strength in the single and a lot that’s worth revisiting. The more you hear it, the more enjoyable it becomes – a rare and valuable trait.

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Rebecca Cullen

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