Elevate your own appreciation for the moment this November morning, with a vastly cinematic and emotive tech house remix of DREAMS.

D-BLOCH is the producer we can turn to for that immersive listen – instantly reaching for the volume, regardless of the sub-genre or incoming mood of the piece.

Professionalism and soul walk hand in hand, and this new remix is far from the exception; perhaps even his most addictive, heartfelt and energising combination of elements so far.

The production is second to none, blending styles and even aspects of past and present sound-design, and standing tall on the sheer strength of the progression and movement within.

The voice is something else, unexpected to a degree, but it more than enhances the journey. There’s emotion in the rap, it brings passion and melody and rhythm united for a clear sense of depth; in keeping with that presented by the surrounding composition. It’s a classic style with an edge of rock, building up through euphoric dance realms but maintaining that intimacy and emotion along the way.

As the final tribal rhythm and bass-pairing drops in, this retro synth delivers unexpectedly freestyle hits, and the vocals again meander through new flows of quickness and poetic reflections intertwined.

The versatility is strong, yet never does the track sacrifice its general sense of atmospheric presence and warmth. You’re lost within the descending chord pattern, these echoing layers of synth and detail, the canned effects and the heavy bass.

As mentioned, the vocal surprises when it first emerges, but ultimately brings a whole new level of heart and soul to the vibe of the track, and connects for its willingness to be vulnerable in both tone and lyric.

Brilliant – beautifully hypnotic, pristinely crafted, and a fine introduction to all involved.

Grab the DREAMS remix here. Check out D-BLOCH on YouTube, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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