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D-BLOCH DREAMS (Feat. Nadine)


Artfully taking its time to build an emotive and purposeful soundscape around the listener, D-BLOCH’s latest single DREAMS emerges with both the soulful presence of thoughtful songwriting, and the cinematic embrace of a detailed, intricate story and scene.

Given the progression, the fusion of styles from melody to rap, the clarity of the mix and the contrastingly ethereal backdrop, DREAMS hits with impact and increasingly lures you in as its sub-three-minute journey evolves and envelopes.

Featuring smart raps and personal outpourings from the leading vocalist himself, alongside the blissfully delicate and expressive melodic stylings of Nadine, DREAMS offers a timeless sense of weight and meaning; connecting for its humanity and fearlessly passionate delivery united.

Guided by piano but also weaving in multiple subtleties for that true escapism and volume, the single highlights a rapper and artist with a degree of humility intertwined amidst an essential thread of story and a reason for making music.

While the intricacies are notably personal, revealing and genuine in reflecting on relationship struggles and heartache, they’re also presented in a vague enough way to be made the listener’s own – a balance perfectly well achieved.

Hopefully this one rightfully makes the rounds online and beyond after its release.

Download or stream DREAMS here from April 22nd. Check out D-BLOCH on YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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