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Cooler Anyway, Gotta Run


Introducing an ethereal debut of deeply-revealing sentiments, rapper and artist Cooler delivers a free-flowing stream of consciousness, backed by a series of dreamy soundscapes and personal reflections.

As an opening track, Running is all of this – showcasing an ad-lib style on the mic, amidst an unexpectedly vast, multi-layered array of synths, and a simple modern trap beat at the forefront.

Effected vocals feel equally relevant to the scene of late, but the lyrics and certain moments of poetic and melodic freestyle inject a clear sense of heart and identity.

These qualities continue throughout the likes of a melancholic Noise, and a nostalgically retro gamer-toned Onesec. Subtle fragments of a hook stand taller than elsewhere within the latter, but overall we get a diary-like outpouring of moods and images that work hard to connect on a genuine, unfiltered level.

26Winters is an easy highlight for its cinematic fullness and the tuneful yet contemplative overall vibe. The closing track Anyway II is similarly dissonant and enchanting in its design; and in the outright freedom of Cooler’s seemingly private performance. This time, however, we get a higher energy level – and a touch of anthemic writing to wrap things up at a colourful peak.

Download or stream Anyway, Gotta Run here. Check out Cooler on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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