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Come Taste the Misery Stone Dead Ballerina Uncovered


Just months after the launch of Mirrors, another new EP from Come Taste The Misery hits the scene, this time leading with a new set of stories and a heavy use of contrast between melody and fuzz.

In short, somewhat muggy, alternative rock with theatrical, emotive vocals, strings, and classic rhythms make up the Stone Dead Ballerina Uncovered EP. It’s a fine collection of songs, true to the Come Taste The Misery Sound but eclectic as ever in being so.

The title-track rides a wave of echoed, dreamy guitars, raw drums, and a rising and falling verse melody that lulls you into a state of meditative calm. Then we get a sudden injection of pace and power, as Dim The Lights throws us full-speed into a world of mist and death and haunting imagery. The more you listen to this EP in full, the easier it is to piece together these stories, and the more fascinating the experience becomes.

Love Is the Last Vampire stands out for its quickly engaging progression and the repeated crash of the drums. A mighty introduction for what is perhaps the most memorable, addictive song on the project. Great vocals from Sven Smith, plenty of character and a bold, satisfying song in itself. A few subtle touches finish things well – additional vocals in the distance, that fine use of contrast; quiet and loud.

Ghost Of Love then features an equally immersive soundscape, heavy yet aptly romantic, with minimal lyrics and a string-led instrumental break that really sets a cinematic mood.

Afterwards, Every Time I Bleed kicks in with the echo of a riff, a crash of drums, and a swirling progression that’s easily recognizable once you’ve heard it. Gentle, paired female vocals soften the hit further, then the intensity rises, and we’re prompted to fall into this hypnotic realm with lines like Nothing lasts forever…

A few simple building blocks is often all it takes – a strong riff, a clear intention, and a clever use of contrast. While each of these songs has its own sense of character and depth, they all still fulfill the requirements. A few impressive features complete the process, and help keep things eclectic and interesting. At this rate, Come Taste The Misery will have an immense catalogue of originals to their name in the coming years.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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