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Come Taste the Misery Mirrors


Back once again with a five-track EP of pristinely captured originals, Greece natives Come Taste The Misery drive with classic grunge and powerful indie melodies throughout the superb project Mirrors.

Out Of Control kicks things off, a new voice, distant yet accessible, Nathan Hakoune’s feature offering up these poetic, gentle insights. Then we get the classic scream, but still the soundscape is simple and melodic, entrancing in its warmth and the loop it creates. Even by the half-way mark, you get a strong sense of identity, a unique aura that proves quickly refreshing right now. Genre-blending at its finest, with fantastic songwriting to take the reigns.

Save Your Prayers follows and brings back perhaps that more recognizable CMTM sound. This wall of distortion and fuzz hits with impact, then paired vocals inject a more nostalgic, Iron Maiden style of songwriting and performance, already giving the EP an eclectic feel.

This display of versatility is subtle, but continues throughout. In every case, the musicianship is unquestionable – thanks to years of experience from those involved, and the songs consistently utilize poetic, provocative thoughts on life.

Broken Wings welcomes Vilivant to add a lighter, more soulful vocal lead, which tips its hat to the nineties sound of Skin – bold choruses, meandering story-lines, and a certain powerful softness that’s impossible to ignore.

Then we get the title-track, an unexpected moment of acoustic simplicity. Melancholic, emotive guitar picking sets things in motion, a progression that stands tall as a sort of quickly recognizable, rather iconic, stripped-back rock single. This gentle approach continues throughout, a tired yet passionate vocal connects with the lyrics with ease, and the song goes on to break hearts and work to heal them all at once. A really well-placed moment of quiet reflection.

Finishing things up is the heavy and fairly live-sounding roar of Wrong Side Of Heaven. The crash of the drums makes a welcomed return, this wall of fuzz closes in again, and Nathan Hakoune returns to lead us through this final chapter of the story. The vocal actually makes its way through two different sections, impressively rising to the challenge of evolving expression, and again we get this scream, which is surprisingly mellow in the mix, to further that sense of change within the song. It’s not a heavy track, despite its elements, but it rightfully feels like the end – reflective again and connecting for its sense of memory and purity.

Brilliant, an EP unconfined by genre or expectation, united by strength of songwriting and conceptual integrity, and superb performances. A really interesting listen, well worth the time it takes to delve in.

Check out our interview with Come Taste The Misery guitarist and composer Christos Kariotis. Find & follow the band on Facebook & Instagram.

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