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Cherry-Ilex Forever (Remix)


This remix of the single Forever from Cherry-Ilex effectively reimagines the track in a completely new setting.

Leading with brilliantly interesting, retro flickers of soul and creative sound-play alike, the track makes fine use of a retro bass-line and heavy, eighties-inspired beat to pave its way into the room.

Keeping things mellow yet stylish throughout, the release essentially showcases how truly unique and interesting a remix can be. Far from merely ramped up a few gears, this reworking pays close attention to certain delicate nuances within the song, and accompanies them with infectiously likeable traits and sound-bites – ultimately creating a genuinely film-like experience.

The whole thing washes over like two songs in one – this soulful vocal calling out for intimacy and commitment, alongside this playful, vintage shuffle of a beat and soundscape – yet somehow these two halves make perfect sense together.

The name Cherry-Ilex is proving increasingly creative, offering alternative hit after hit of originals well worth spending time with.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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