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Caellus & Camulus War in Heavens (Ohmanac Epic Psy-Bass Remix)


This latest release from World Of Caellus is one of epic proportions. The feeling given off even just by the opening few moments of sound is intense and captivating. The precise nature of the production is creative and detailed, to the point that you’re completely drawn in by the effect of it – it’s magnetic, and ever impressive to experience.

The remix heads off in a fairly fresh direction with the introduction of dubstep to the trance family vibe. The creativity inherent in these collaborations is sublime, consistently majestic and always produced to the absolute highest quality. The love of music, the passion for creating, is forever clear, and however good the music is in the beginning it somehow still seems to get better and better every time.

The War In Heavens remix is mesmerising. The strength of it comes through in the way the music sets the scene – the structure, the development, the detail – there is nothing left to do when the track plays out, but be swept away by its power and its story. The opening few moments lay a peaceful ambiance – the reverb soaked flickers of a female vocal, the gentle and dreamlike synths – then the build up comes, and what’s great about it is that it takes its time to climb; there’s no predictability to the drop, and that can be a difficult thing to achieve these days. The energy varies and veers off in numerous directions, taking you with it, and the return to the essence of the track is always appropriate – never hap-hazardly thrown in for the sake of a name. As mentioned, this shared appreciation and passion for the music is clear, consistent, and amazing to witness.

The added guitar solo is superb, another one of those World Of Caellus moments in which the unique character and style of these creative partnerships shines with stunning brightness. The further you get into the track, the heavier and more all-encompassing it feels – if at first the music seems to overwhelm, there’s always somehow more of that feeling to come. Make sure to listen through decent speakers or headphones to get the full effect.

Download the track over on Beatport. Find and follow World Of Caellus on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

9 responses to “Caellus & Camulus – War in Heavens (Ohmanac Epic Psy-Bass Remix)

    1. Hi! Thank you! Glad you like it. It’s not a soundtrack but that’s the kind of sound we aim for, a blend of cinematic music with Electronic Dance Music. 🙂

  1. This needs to be in a video game or movie or have a music video or something! It is just asking for it. Great post

      1. this is what the kind of music I been waiting to hear can’t wait until it drops on Deezer

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