Creatively intertwining lo-fi guitar pop with long-form RnB vocals and poetic, appreciative lyrics, Oisín impresses with a fine fusion of professionalism and passion, for the infectious new single Summer.


Creatively on point in terms of both talent and work ethic, artist and songwriter Rhagetti has built up a uniquely enchanting catalogue of original songs and projects over the years, culminating in the upcoming launch of his soul-rock-kissed and unforgettable single Sinner.


Introducing an evocative pop-rock anthem, one that soulfully embraces listeners when they’re feeling at their most disconnected – the latest project from Abhi Ananda is the rock outfit Almost Citizen, and New Day is the sublime and refreshingly humble new single.

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Always an artist with an unrelenting thirst for exploring the unknown, Souleye impresses every time, and Final Frontier absolutely follows suit. There’s a subtle old-school groove and flow to the verses, which fuses unexpectedly well with these timeless dance synths and the stop-and-start nature of the set-up.

Hip Hop

Boasting over a million plays across nearly two-dozen original singles, LA-based Joseph Rutakangwa has carved out an impressive niche within modern music, the likes of Avani and I Am Meant For you building further upon a naturally distinct and evocative style.

For the new release, Joseph returns to the poetic reflections and optimism of his earliest work, and in the process gifts listeners a feeling of positivity, self-belief, and lasting calm.

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