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Ashni & Mr. Z Light up the Place (Official Video)


The long-awaited single and video release from Universal Flow Records artists Ashni and Mr. Z is finally with us. Fusing crystal clear visuals with a multi-coloured series of shots and that natural bounce and dance-floor-ready energy of the song, Light Up The Place proves to be precisely the pop-EDM hit that fans of the genre will be drawn to.

Listen at volume for the full effect – multiple layers of synths and heavy bass notes and beats rain down, showcasing a structurally entertaining and engaging piece; one that utilizes contrast well. The pauses and subsequent drops are effectively executed, seeing the track move from melodically entrancing moments of RnB to grittier hits of alternative dance and even a flicker of hip hop and dance-hall just to keep things moving.

There’s a slightly nostalgic feel to this, the video and single alike – the classic simplicity of the video with its raunchy scenes and consistent changes from one shot to the next draw genuine comparisons with the euro-pop era from a couple of decades ago. At the same time, both Ashni and Mr. Z put their own stamp on the song, leaving listeners with a clear view of them both as artists – and a clear memory of this single as the pop-dance smash that it is.

Find & follow on IG: AshniMr. Z & Universal Flow Records. Check out our interview with the duo to find out more about them.

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