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A Million Little Fires Aspects & Echoes EP


The return of A Million Little Fires this month brings the long-awaited drop of their 7-track EP Aspects & Echoes. The project storms into view with the timeless metal soundscape of We Live To Fight Again. The track pairs this heavy set-up with canned vocals and mellow verses for contrast and impact as things rise and evolve.

Known for their fusion of smooth synths, intensely distorted guitars and the fierce crash of the drums, A Million Little Fires are also recognised for their thoughtful storytelling and inspiring sentiments. This opening track celebrates all of these qualities at once, and kicks off Aspects & Echoes with style.

All I Want follows with a deeply evocative sense of self-reflection and wonder – the lyrics and the melody pierce through with simplicity of style and fearlessness of topic, and again the contrast between delicacy and weight is sublime; these ethereal synth verses revealing, the powerful hook declarative and bold. A definite highlight, and an anthemic ode to pressure and uncertainty.

For maybe I’M a MONSTER, the frontman’s vocal is unmistakable now, and the set-up is seductive, provocative and powerful as it tumbles along towards an intoxicating loop of intention and melody. Another deeply thoughtful song that’s a joy to escape into but that also gifts more and more connection and personal insight with each revisit.

That voice peaks beautifully for AnyThInG / EveRyThiNg – a clear touch of Corey Taylor to the passion and tone; a quality reinforced in this Stone Sour-esque fusion of melody, emotion and distorted intensity. Then for Delusion, we drift into an immersive realm of atmospheric intimacy and longing, the sheer energy and desperation of the topic taking hold with ferocity during the latter half.

self : aware brings melody and calm again, contrast mastered as ever but also the act’s attention to arrangement proving effective throughout this entire EP. There’s an almost spoken style to this song, and the ideas and emotions transcend genre and performance to connect quite directly with the listener.

Vulnerability and faultless musicianship help make this an enchanting highlight, but one that helps draw focus to the prowess, depth and design of the whole Aspects & Echoes project. A Million Little Fires have mastered the space between creative expression and professional appeal, and this EP definitively showcases that.

“Is something wrong with me?
I see you turn and stare”

Wrapping things up is the nostalgically riff-led I can’t SAVE YOU. The voice is gentle to begin with, the arrangement almost joyful in its lyric-free adlib status. The song is catchy, quirky in rhythmic production, and marks one final impressive reminder of the versatility and honest expression of A Million Little Fires. There’s an addictive quality to this closing track, and for a whole new set of reasons than the rest of the EP.

A pleasure to let play at volume. Escape into these songs this season, and make sure to follow AMLF for updates.

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