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A Million Little Fires All I Want


The unrelenting force of fully-loaded electronic rock rains down from the moment you press play, as LA alternatives A Million Little Fires present their latest evocative and euphoric deep-dive.

All I Want is the new single, the first in a series of releases expected over the coming months, in the run up to an EP launch in the Spring of 2024. It’s a mighty track, immersive from the outset for this breathless fusion of distortion, pace, rhythm and synth.

As things build, the song falls away and rises back up accordingly, laying bare the uniquely raspy pop-punk vocals of AMLF’s front-man Jay Douglas for the reflective verses, before explosively building once again as the passion and musicality rise for an immense hook.

Somewhat intertwining hard rock and new metal with a more contemporary production-style that utilizes heartfelt melodies, layers of electronic synths and fragments of additional voices, All I Want acts as both an anthem for honest contemplation and longing, and an all-encompassing hit of escapism that seamlessly raises the pulse and the mood of the room.

Written with mainstream tendencies in the tuneful progression and performative energy, otherwise crafted with that essential alternative originality in everything from the instrumental arrangement to the structure and stylish inflections, All I Want is a powerful indie hit – impressively written and performed, and a superb introduction to a band that will no doubt send waves through the scene increasingly across the year ahead.

Single out November 3rd. Look out for the upcoming EP in around six months time. Find A Million Little Fires (AMLF) on Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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