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A Million Little Fires Delusion


An intoxicating exploration of infatuation, enchanting both by sonic design and lyrical delivery, rising creative act A Million Little Fires blend alternative pop and heavier rock with precision and power, for the addictive new single Delusion.

Building up brilliantly throughout, whilst also falling away and rising up intermittently between verses and the hook, Delusion gathers superb momentum across a pretty perfect three minutes and thirty nine seconds.

The entire second half provides a scathing and explosive outcry on behalf of relationship dissonance, and everything from the piercing and passionate vocal-line to these cascading synths, distorted guitars and mighty drums reinforces that energy and desperation.

The final moments actually reinforce a nostalgic essence akin to the new metal realm of a simpler decade, but surrounding this we get the intricate electronic production, the fearlessly revealing honesty of the lyrics, and the generally unmistakable structure and sound-play that is A Million Little Fires.

This one hits hard, in short. Well-worth a few streams at volume – particularly for those with a level of anxiety about the upcoming Valentine’s celebration.

Single out January 26th. Find A Million Little Fires on Apple, Instagram, YouTube & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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