His belief is that the power of art lies in its ability to inspire, to awaken & elevate our consciousness. Given the names of the tracks & the atmospheric experiences they offer – this is precisely the result you can hope for when listening through. 


New Beat Fund creates something new with this surf hip-pop (my name for this blend) sunny track Surf Style. The single depicts the southern California four-piece in a distinct & quite colorful class of the their own.


Squid Cult craft their releases creatively, artistically, so the result is this unique song, with an intriguing concept – one that reaches out for your heartstrings, your soul, yet does so among a notably upbeat, uplifting soundscape.

Indie-PopSoft Rock

Liberty takes on the issues of the world in a bold & colourfully lo-fi manner. It does so with a surprising touch of heartfelt soul & passion, the likes of which win you over more & more so as the project progresses.