Derek Lai takes a clear level of care when crafting original songs, this latest release being a fine example of that. Skillfully balancing professionalism with genuine emotion, Blankets is a softly seductive pop song with a partly organic backdrop and a quickly uplifting rhythm.


There’s as much to intrigue you throughout this album as there is to simply entertain and embrace you. Bigots successfully balance appealing musicality with ideas that connect and melodies that make them impossible to forget.


This isn’t purely about the singer, or the songwriter, or the musicians at work – this is about the artists and the audience alike. This is a shared moment of calm, of complexity simplified, and everything from the overly colourful yet smooth presentation to the lyrics and the vocal delivery works well to represent this at every step.


California’s Little Sister leads with a finely polished indie-pop set-up on this single, presenting a few distinct riffs, a notable drum-pattern, and a softly whispered vocal melody that somehow cuts through the weight and rhythm surrounding it to drive with intention and purpose.

Alt PopIndie-PopShoegaze