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King St. Sweeter Sounds


King St. offer a simple fusion of Americana and indie-pop with their latest album, all connected beautifully with some poetic and heartfelt songwriting. Sweeter Sounds is a stand-out track from the project, introducing the band’s sound and writing style in a subtle but warming, enjoyable way.

Sweeter Sounds works on the strength of its melody and lyrical ideas. There’s a definite layer of folk to the writing – the images, the scene setting, the reflections on life. Everything feels emotional yet vague enough to appeal to a wider audience. What helps drive this connection through is that the band’s leading vocalist has a notably genuine and relatable tone and sound to her voice. There’s a certain unexpected softness to it, nothing gritty or strained emerges, only the bare essentials – which carry the song and its sentiments through in a lightly colourful, likable way.

The song’s melody is a definite strength, the hook in particular has a certain brightness to it that’s easily memorable but not an intrusive, ear-worm kind of way. Instead of those infectious pop qualities the song offers the authenticity of Americana – being all about the music, the moment, and the ideas. It’s a subtle approach to the genre but this helps give it an accessible feel – hopefully allowing the song to reach out and connect with a much wider audience. The song’s title is well suited to the experience it offers, and the lyrics paint some quietly thoughtful, inspiring images that build further on the sweetness and optimism at its core.

The album is a definite recommend, as is jumping at the opportunity to catch the band performing live in the coming months. A pleasure to listen to and write about.

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