Les Mans - Down To The River - Stereo Stickman

Les Mans Down To The River


This one’s an unexpectedly addictive new song that’s easily a personal favourite for the year so far. Fusing somewhat theatrical, haunting musical building blocks, with a classic soft-rock aura, and an indie vocal that leans towards the poetry and passion of soul, the whole thing feels familiar yet unusual.

Down To The River appeals on a whole new level Рfor its melodic swagger and the hypnotic, soothing nature of the chord progression, for the recognisable aura of that title, for the entrancing vocal choir that repeatedly whispers just two notes to you Рcreating an up and down, a wave or breath-like energy that circles out and around you. Meanwhile, the piano provides a similar thread of recognisable simplicity, and still the soundscape seems to evolve and change throughout; even with these notably entrancing, ongoing elements that hold you captive.

The song has a distinctively characterful pulse about it, a few carefully crafted layers help give it that comforting, memorable glow. In addition though, the indie vocal – the verses in particular, and the contrast these bring among everything else – this is where the song really moves from good to great. It’s a strangely satisfying and enjoyable piece of music and performance, one that you may feel as if you’ve known for years, but one that’s also somehow undeniably original. It leaves a gaping void of silence in the room when it comes to an end. Well worth stumbling upon.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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