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Teach Me Human Tell Me That You Love Me


Teach Me Human released Tell Me That You Love Me back in January and it’s quite possibly their best single to date. A love letter to alt-rock in the vein of Beck meets Foster The People, Teach Me Human have a fun and infectious vibe to them without ever pandering or sounding too mainstream. It’s a fine line to walk, but Teach Me Human is a band at the top of their game, and so far, Tell Me That You Love Me is one of the most enjoyable tracks of 2019.

Hailing from Suffolk County, Teach Me Human is a quartet comprised of Brian, Jared, Jim, and Warren, and aside from being a group of extremely talented musicians, they also seem like best friends. That may appear like a trivial thing to mention in a music review, but it’s actually one of the most important parts of Teach Me Human and Tell Me That You Love Me. This sense of camaraderie and the complete artistic freedom that can only come from working with people you trust, translates to their music in such a natural way. It’s a subtle vibe that the listener can definitely feel and it helps make this act and this song feel that much more alive and visceral.

Everything about Tell Me That You Love Me is expertly mixed, sounds incredibly polished, and is well thought out. The track is littered with one irresistible melody after another and is over before you know it. However, what seems like a fairly simple, and carefree love song hides a much deeper and darker secret.

Tell Me That You Love Me was written during deployment by the Air Force in Iraq, and is precisely about coming to grips with this new and harsh reality. It’s a backstory that not only makes me appreciate further the meaning of the lyrics, but also appreciate Teach Me Human as a band all the more.

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Larry Iaccio


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