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Sail By Summer Facing Dullness


Facing Dullness is perhaps the best new song I’ve heard so far this year. It takes a moment to really kick in, the overall sound is fairly familiar – warm and indie-pop-like in nature, but once you really hear it; you can’t un-hear it.

There’s a beautiful aura to this song – the concept, the set-up, the humble yet fitting nature of the vocals and the surrounding instrumentation. Sail By Summer introduce their creative approach in a partly nostalgic yet simultaneously thoughtful and refreshing way.

The first instance in which the hook appears is the first moment at which the song really starts to find its feet – that sudden change in melody, the wonderful poetry and inspiring energy of the lyrics here; the way that guitar riff cascades at the end of each line. It’s a superb progression, simple yet incredibly colourful and effective for its addictive qualities.

As the song continues, you start to really understand and connect with it. That central sentiment is uplifting and rather motivational – the very idea of Facing Dullness was perhaps an intriguing vagueness initially – by the latter half of the song though, it’s something with a whole new meaning.

The band’s leading singer has a gorgeous voice, a little Phil Collins-esque with a hint of Paul Simon in some ways. There’s a subtle yet genuine tone to the presentation of these ideas, so you feel that connection all the more strongly. As the song builds, the instrumental layers reach higher and higher, and the whole thing rains down around you in this hypnotic, immersive and energizing manner.

A stunning song, simple yet effective, written with depth and intention. An absolute must for the long-term playlist of 2019.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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