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Alaska & Aurora Undergrove


Alaska & Aurora are a genuinely exciting act for more than a few reasons. Undergrove alone is all kinds of enjoyable, fascinating and refreshing songwriting fuses with a brilliant use of melody and some subtle yet stunning harmonies. Meanwhile the music works its magic, offering a partly organic and partly electronic ambiance that hits in the way indie-rock might – though other sections of the song unexpectedly feel far more trip-hop than anything guitar-led or gritty.

That’s the great thing about this song, it follows its own rules depending on what each moment needs. For the most part, this thick yet mellow, eighties style groove drives things – giving the song a mildly nostalgic feel, but at the same time still allowing it to hold close to this fresh and uplifting new sound.

Undergrove is an easy hit for how unusual yet satisfying everything is within it. This is undoubtedly true for the lyrics, but the first thing to strike is the sound of that leading voice and the way in which the melody and the music work quickly to entrance and energize you. The only thing left to do once you’ve heard those opening moments is turn the track up a little louder and be fully willing to submit to the story-line and the audio experience – in the way that you might have done back when alternative bands first graced the mainstream and got your heart racing with each new release.

The next step is hopefully to catch a longer project, a full playlist to let fill the room and your life, then indeed to seek out a live show from Alaska & Aurora – perhaps a daytime festival set; to give your day a hit of colour and unexpected artistry. Great songwriting and superb musical performances – a pleasure to stumble upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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