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Vilnes Play With Me


Singer and songwriter Vilnes drives with a refreshingly clear-cut, organic pop-rock sound on this latest, uplifting and joyful single Play With Me. Whatever level of optimism or innocence your mind conjures up after reading the title, the song within works hard to represent the very essence of simple happiness – the art of play, the value of fun. This shines brightly in everything from the lyrics to the instrumentation to the melody; even in the artist’s leading vocal display. The quickness and the energy are well represented, feeling genuine and thus further increasing the chances of sweeping an entire audience off their feet as the track gathers momentum.

The organic nature of this release adds immensely to its strength and appeal. Though there are some clear layers of modern electronic pop at work, there’s also a fairly live level of performance to the whole thing. The vocals aren’t soaked in effects, the drum-line could easily be replicated on stage, the guitars and the keys all work beautifully together to help build something very real sounding – all of this brings you in closer to the song and the artist, and all of it reinforces that refreshing air of newness that the track breathes out into the room.

The lines between indie-rock and pop have now officially been blurred by the likes of Vilnes and this creatively free approach to songwriting. A lack of concern for genre or style labels lets the true warmth of the song itself shine with authentic brightness. It’s the contrast that lets it all hit so well – spacious and near-quiet verses lead brilliantly towards the full-throttle vibrancy of that hook. Play With Me is an anthem, a shared sentiment of togetherness – and a song we’ll almost certainly be hearing more of as the summer months and the festival season approaches.

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Rebecca Cullen

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