That level of self-belief is contagious in a great way, and production-wise the song has been crafted brilliantly, so everything just works, everything stands tall when it should. Defiantly an artist to look out for. 

Alt PopRnB

One of his most intensely infectious riffs yet – a hard hitting, distorted synth set to wind its way into your consciousness in an instant. The track is heavy, ready to energize & uplift, the song’s subject matter leans in that direction too – offering motivation, a winner’s mentality.

Alt PopEDMElectronic RockSka

These songs that make up the collection are beautifully well produced & also hit in the way that any superb & memorable song should. There’s plenty more to appreciate on top of this as the project plays out. 

Alt PopFunkSongwriterSoul

Daniel has done well to create something unique. What’s interesting about this song though is that musically it appears as a totally alternative, beautifully alt-pop sort of track, satisfying yet incredibly unusual & constantly in conflict with its own energy.

Alt PopHip-HopTrip-Hop

Dmachi’s single will fill you up for three and a half blissful minutes, until the music drains away – leaving you wistfully wanting more. Prepare for a seductive ear shower amidst this artist’s unique blend of gospel dance pop; no umbrella necessary.

Alt PopSongwriterTrip-Hop