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Thousand Times Fly Away With Me (Feat. Allamuto)


Thousand Times’ return this year brings a gorgeously ambient and smooth RnB-fusion track with a softly soulful backbone. Seductively gritty vocals lead the way lyrically and melodically, running alongside a down-pouring of colourful synths and a sort of lightly throbbing energy level.

From a songwriting perspective, the single talks of love and mutual affection. The vocal is notably involved in the moment, almost sleepy sounding but inherently connected to the calm and content aura of the song. The musical aspects gradually gather momentum as the song progresses, but this is subtle – for the most part, a delicate and soothing soundscape is painted around you as the leading vocalist pours their soul and their connection to the moment out into the mix.

There’s a slight stream of consciousness style to the lyrical performance, the melody doesn’t notably offer the classic or predictable building blocks of a verse-chorus-verse-chorus pop song. On the contrary, the notes emerge in more of a free-flowing, repeated trip-hop pattern – in keeping with the movement and pulse of the music. There are a number of elements to the release that make it recognisable, and this sense of progression or consistency is undoubtedly one – wherever you tune in, whichever moment you join the song at, the energy is fairly similar and thus easily recognisable.

From a production perspective there’s plenty about this that stands out right now – a slightly retro but unfamiliar mood appears. The collaboration with Allamuto has brought through a new side to the Thousand Times creative approach and sound. The beat and the general energy of this release works well to create something fully soaked in relationship positivity and the right kind of vibes to accompany any couples’ evening of intimacy or dreaming together.

Alllamuto & Thousand Times will debuting the song live in Charlotte NC at the New Era Music House – an event presented by hip hop artist Railz The Principle. Find & follow Thousand Times on FacebookTwitter & Instagram to stay updated.

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