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King Cassius Chin up


King Cassius needs less than two minutes to weave his sound around you for this latest single Chin Up. Fusing a calming and colourful ambiance with a thick, mellow hip hop beat, the artist presents a contemporary balance between rap and melody, all the while throwing references to confidence and hard work into the mix in an inspiring, energizing manner.

Chin Up is an easy-going track that utilizes a few key characteristics of modern hip hop and alt-pop to keep an air of relevancy about it. Alongside of this is the artist’s lyricism and performance style. The song itself showcases these traits in a fluid sort of way, not by means of an industry standard verse-hook set up, but rather by means of an ongoing, entrancing loop of energy – not unlike electronic trip hop music tends to be. The overall calm glow of the track reinforces this sentiment, there’s nothing overbearing or loud about it – the vibe is chill and the concept is uplifting and hopeful. If you let it, this is an easy anthem for the disheartened or those who’ve been lacking the strength or the courage to keep on lately.

The accompanying video for the track lets fans get a better idea of who King Cassius is and what sort of energy he brings to the rap game. The performance is as laid back as the music, there’s a sense of accessibility to it – it’s relatable, simple and real. There’s a youthful glow to the whole thing that helps keep those energy levels consistent, so the vibe of the music and the video in unison continues to work well for its audience. Even the colour scheme helps maintain that warm, calm aura. Hopefully there’s plenty more creativity to come.

Download the single via iTunes or stream it on Spotify & Soundcloud. Find & follow King Cassius on Instagram.

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