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Tanya Nolan Love Ya (Feat. Kirko Bangz)


Tanya Nolan and Kirko Bangz go big on this latest single, bringing through those soulfully smooth RnB vibes – alongside a string of lyrics and creativity that undoubtedly hit with a little more grit and attitude than the average offering.

Nolan’s voice is undoubtedly the first thing to grab you about this track, that and the lyrics – the opening verse sees her quiet, breathy vocals lead with a fine fusion of love and resentment; essentially honesty, complete with unedited expression, cursing; as per the heat of the moment. As things progress, the track’s spacious and mellow, selectively structured beat stands a little taller. Love Ya has been professionally and thoughtfully crafted, so the beat gives off a sense of originality – as well as showcasing just enough of those familiar contemporary vibes to let the whole thing sit well among today’s musical landscape.

Later on, the song introduces more of these subtle intricacies that increasingly add personality and value. The rap verse from Bangz adds a welcomed dynamic, a depth of tone and an alternative perspective – the other side of the story. By now you’ve got a good feel for the lyrics and the underlying concept – that of love and how helpless we are to it, even in times of turmoil. This realness is easy to appreciate in itself throughout the song, but by the latter half that central sentiment and the added layers for the hook really start to hit with striking impact. Nolan’s outpouring of But I still love ya emerges with unexpected intensity and passion, feeling like a genuine scream of frustration. As you watch the accompanying video in unison with the song, the visuals reinforce this peak in emotion and volume and weight.

The song’s video suits the mood of the track well, a flawlessly captured series of shots portray the underlying ideas and indeed the two artists in a captivating and fitting way. It’s easy to lose yourself in the story-line as the whole thing plays out. By the second and indeed third time you hear the song, the whole thing has a likable familiarity and a definite aura of recognizable identity; helping make it a slightly alternative pop hit, well-crafted for today’s world. There’s plenty of character to the release, and plenty of skill – a winning combination.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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