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Atta Otigba Breaking Away


Atta Otigba takes songwriting and musical composition to beautiful new heights with this release Breaking Away. It’s not easy to pin-point precisely what it is that makes this track work, whether it’s the delicate organic trip-hop soundscape, the soulful vocals and poetic lyrics, or the stunning progression of the melody – whether it’s all of this united within a finely balanced and beautiful few minutes of music. In any case, Breaking Away is an immense joy to escape amongst. The sort of song that begs for you to turn up the volume, and quickly becomes addictive and close to impossible to forget about.

Atta Otigba introduces himself as a talented, thoughtful and fascinating artist with this single. Your mind wanders freely as the track gathers momentum, building a story-line before you – the sort that’s likely to be unique for each listener. The lyrics are intimate and loving, dedicated to a significant other in a poetic and entrancing manner, but even with this personal touch – they are subtly vague, and accessible enough to appear to have been written entirely for their audience. Very few artists are able to achieve all of this within the walls of just one song.

Breaking Away is emotional and powerful in the way it envelops you – the concept and the music, plus Atta’s supreme vocal delivery, all work beautifully in unison to build something magnetic and mighty around you. You don’t find yourself comparing it to anything else, you just find yourself swept away on the rising energy of the moment. Hopefully there’s a lot more where this came from – I look forward to hearing all of it. Atta Otigba has a natural connection to musical creativity, and it shows in softly majestic ways on this single.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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