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Laura Clare Lost


Laura Clare brings together creative trip hop beats and long-form RnB-style melodies for this single – the sort of melodies that fall seductively at the end of each line, reinforcing the theme within. The verses of Primal pave the way with space and reverb, intimate observation and thoughtful poetry, towards an ultimately quick and effective hook that’s easily relatable.

Alongside the strength of the song itself is the depth and subtle grit of the artist’s leading voice – this tone and this near-tired approach at the start lets the later sections of heightened passion hit with all the more impact. The song’s underlying concept is sexual revival, so this peak and this movement within makes a lot of sense in terms of the artistry of the whole thing.

The track quickly evolves to become a fairly addictive piece of music, a great rhythm and a notably characterful beat add further flickers of personality that make certain you’ll recognise it the next time around. Furthermore, the very sentiment of the song, the lyrics and the way they’re delivered – all of this has a fairly refreshing aura, particularly in this calm musical setting.

Also included on this short EP release is a song called On My Way. Immediately that leading voice is familiar now, as is the way the soundscape develops – slowly but surely, never losing its mood or groove. The songwriting and the melodic progression feel a little more colourful, a little more pop-like perhaps – accessible in a different kind of way; something like optimism but still with a definite air of self-empowerment. Again, the contrast between the verses and the hook works brilliantly. Both tracks on this collection make waves, and always while holding close to that natural style and sound that is clearly Laura Clare’s alone right now. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

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