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Zerk It’s Going Down


Reigniting the buzz for his sound, of fast delivery and purposeful bars, rapper and artist Zerk offers up a gritty and hook-heavy new hit in the form of the fast-rising It’s Going Down.

The second single to emerge from the debut album Dark Therapy, the track has already been shouted out by hip hop legend Redman – who also features on the full-length project – and it’s rightfully amassing plays in no time at all.

Featuring Zerk’s classic tone of recognisable origins, along with some of his sharpest bars yet, the verses captivate and impress as the energy remains at a high throughout – always resolving to the mellow embrace of that simple, melodic hook.

Naturally a strong follow-up to his previous work, It’s Going Down showcases a confident air of ability on the mic and with the pen, as well as a degree of self-awareness in terms of the scene and the climb that lies ahead.

Effectively blending work ethic, passion and talent throughout, It’s Going Down takes things back to the classic sound of hip hop’s past, utilising piano, rhythm, melody and intention to draw you in and keep you listening.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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