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Zerk By Myself


Artist and rapper Zerk, founder of the Systemattic Music back in 2016, continues to raise the bar in alternative, gritty and storytelling hip hop, with the striking intensity and equally haunting visuals of By Myself.

Featuring fast-bars and high energy amidst a simple, minimalist backdrop, with a melodic hook resolve akin to the likes of Grieves or even Eminem’s mid-album offerings, By Myself introduces a decidedly interesting way of writing and a distinctive vocal tone to match.

Zerk’s voice, in both sound and lyric, holds close to an increasingly clear sense of identity. It’s recognisable, captivating, displaying the ache of the lyrics in a genuine way, presenting openness and revealing vulnerability throughout a series of flows that always return to the poetic and melodically catchy hook.

More and more hypnotic with each return of the chorus, the final one sealing the deal, By Myself showcases a deeply moving and fearless exploration of its topic. Personally connected for realness and the natural, clean sound of the mix, Zerk makes sure to further bridge the gap between artist and audience.

Download By Myself here or via Apple. Check out Zerk on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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