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yungsaint summer days // summer nights (Prod. kid vice)


Unique production and heartfelt, expressive vocals meet with strong imagery and fearless personal reflection – songwriter and artist yungsaint delivers enchanting audio ventures, with summer days // summer nights making for a fine starting point.

Artistically expressive and juxtaposing joyful production with painful lyrical honesty, the music delves into its topic with a captivating sense of dissonance – lulling you into a state of calm, before connecting with the raw ache and unsettling terror of asking for death.

Five years into his creative journey and backed by tens of thousands of streams across a plethora of original tracks, Huntington Beach artist yungsaint stands tall on the strength of dreamy trap arrangements and evocative, poetic and gentle vocal threads of melody and sentiment.

One recent release what’s the difference showcased an entirely different mood and set-up, but still with this this fascinating combination of elements. Uplifting synths and keys emerge at pace to contrast the poetic longing and sadness from canned vocals that quietly call out for understanding and relief.

Again, a euphoric musicality feels at war with the scorn and search for self that is the writing. It’s a powerful approach, and transcends genre continuously throughout yungsaint’s repertoire.

Other vastly-streamed favorites include the mellow and fairly raw lo-fi tones of attention, and the heavier emo-grit and distortion of a more familiar samsung shawty. Then there’s the likes of a hypnotic snow angel, quickly memorable and delivered with heart and soul.

In stark contrast, million released just yesterday, and features a cascade of vocal threads alongside an acoustic guitar and a poetic depth that’s both haunting and beautifully alluring.

Always there’s a degree of humanity and fearless vulnerability to the writing and the vocal performances. Meanwhile the production varies from one track to the next, supporting but also shaking up the foundations in a way that’s forever compelling.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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