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Yung Myth Vibe


Retro synths, simple and hopeful, descend in an uplifting, joyful way, before the celebratory vocal and tripped-up beat kick in to effectively complete the Vibe.

Yung Myth has written a classic here, seamlessly uniting elements of dance-hall, hip hop and pop in a refreshingly optimistic, addictive and slightly nineties-RnB or garage-like manner.

There’s a decidedly British finish to the whole thing, the delivery and set-up offer consistently interesting progressions. It’s a structure that works hard to hold attention, understanding the fleeting nature of music consumption in our contemporary society, and striking hard regardless with a minimalist yet addictive rhythm and melody that slowly but surely weave their way into your head-space.

During the latter half, a little more lyrical density shows its face, but for the most part this merely offers a hint of what’s to come from Yung Myth. In terms of songwriting, Vibe does everything it needs to. The nostalgia is strong, but so is the freshness, and that balance is a rare thing to achieve.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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