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YbThaMovie We Up


Fighting in favour of personal drive and a deep-running desire to succeed, We Up celebrates achievement and rising up within life in a colorful and optimistic manner.

The track quickly settles in as the rightful anthem that it is – for anyone who needs that groove and that hopeful edge of confidence, this is the music we turn to. We Up brings together a thick beat and an easily memorable, satisfying melody that makes certain you’ll recognise it from here on in. At the same time, the verses offer an alternative rhythm, a flow of details that explore the deeper realms of the story-line. This is where the artist keeps things personal, which is ultimately what appeals to long terms fans. The hook is where things get accessible – you make this moment your own, hence the reference to it being an anthem for the inspired or for those who seek motivation and a sense of possibility. The balance between these two extremes works well.

The song has a familiarity for sure, in terms of the general sound of contemporary hip hop – the vocal effects, the rhythm, the minimalism – but in addition to this, it offers just enough of that freshness to make you really feel as if you’ve stumbled upon something new and exciting. Furthermore, if this is indeed the moment of uprising for this artist – a turning point or a genuine achievement, then those who come through to support are likely to see further appeal in watching the come-up. Things should only get better when hard work and talent meet with an understanding of and appreciation for the industry. This track has that mellow confidence and bounce to it that’s likely to connect in an instant. The vocals parts offer someone different as a leader for that. The whole thing works well and serves its purpose perfectly.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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