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xyzgermany PMI sunset dream


New music production label xyzgermany have built a unique name for themselves by traveling to various European cities and producing original tracks designed to represent the vibe of each location.

Driven by a clear passion for music, the immersive and euphoric nature of their approach shines brightly within the likes of their latest single release PMI sunset Dream. The track emerges complete with an equally enchanting set of animated visuals, and showcases an approach to production unconfined by industry expectation – a style clearly led by the melodic and hypnotic appeal of music with both soul and precision building up its embrace.

Originally based in Berlin, xyzgermany have produced four singles so far, the first three being progressive house tracks, and this latest one veering towards a distinctly more ambient, atmospheric sound and mood. The earlier releases include the heavy energy and retro fuzz of PMI one night stand, utilizing melody but also depicting a notably refreshing structure and level of intensity on the EDM front. BCN autumn tale furthers that bold escapism quality, reaching for euphoric peaks whilst countering a blissful top layer with a warming bass-line and another clear sense of structural purpose.

In stark contrast, layers of voice introduce PMI sunset dream, and proceed to light up the space between the kick drum and these warmer, lower-toned synths and bass-notes, which pour through like waves or breaths of contemplation.

The new single is quick to connect, its looping simplicity and creative originality proving easy to lose yourself within, and that balancing of vocal vastness and mellow yet relentless rhythm is impressively recognizable in its unorthodox yet satisfying status. No doubt there will be plenty more music worth anticipating from xyzgermany in the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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