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Fully-loaded electronic production blends ethereal synths and trap rhythms, as artist and songwriter x ohh delves into the conceptual depths of the mind, for COMMS.

Featuring an increasingly versatile flow, from mellow listing formats through to the breathless outward spirals of intensity that wrap up each set of bars, COMMS manages to walk a fine line between the eccentrically dark and the deeply personal.

Following in the footsteps of emo rap and alternative hip hop, yet also carving out a uniquely theatrical, poetic and fearlessly honest pathway as an independent, x ohh takes full advantage of the space. Lyrical density presents a vast ocean of ideas and reflections, always resolving to certain familiar phrases or references to re-ground the whole performance.

Lines like ‘Chip on my shoulder’ continue to pierce through the noise. Meanwhile the beat goes on, this two-chord rise and fall, x ohh leaning back and forth between structural security and a more free-style-esque delivery that is much of the latter half.

Coming in at just under the six-minute mark, COMMS authentically encapsulates its underlying exploration of the very art of communication. Unconcerned by industry expectations, x ohh chooses the artistic route, and introduces an approach that’s free from the confines of genre or anything that came before.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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