WuGieee - UNTLD II - Stereo Stickman



Dreamy soundscapes and gritty lyrics meet with contemporary production and the all-familiar auto-tune for this late-night-vibes album from artist and rapper WuGieee.

With the opener D ROSE, the music engages and WuGieee tells his story – clever, quirky bars, personal anecdotes and vague references alike invite a welcomed connection between artist and audience; subtle but effective, and increasingly poetic.

The lyrics prove stronger traits throughout, Paranoid Personality taking an equal amount of time to stand tall but ultimately making it there with poetry and personal honesty alike.

The modern style almost takes away from the depth and sharp nature of the lyrics, but WuGieee manages to bring these back to centre stage – impressing for his lyrical freshness in a subtle and later striking way.

With I Miss You, these personal, intimate qualities are taken even further – an acoustic finger-picking soundscape lays out a world-music vibe with a heavy bass-led beat and short lines that again feed in to the current sound.

How Can I follows and balances creative freedom and poetic questioning with a darker, late-night aura that again feels musically relevant yet organic in its layers of harp and other unexpected instrumental details. A definite highlight, artistic and structurally unpredictable, with great melodies and more than a few poetically intriguing bars.

Other stand-outs include a revealing and heart-broken No Love, More Agony, and a gritty, clean-cut performance that is PT2. UNTLD II in full though, offers more than a few intelligently framed ideas amidst a generally comforting, contemporary style. Certain moments shine for their creative freedom, and WuGieee is likely to bring through more of these unique qualities with future releases. One to watch.

Download or stream UNTLD II here. Check out WuGieee on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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