WITHINSANITY - Hallucination - Stereo Stickman

WITHINSANITY Hallucination


The dramatic, neo-classical design of this hard-hitting dance track makes for something totally energizing and simultaneously refreshing at this time in our lives. Musically speaking, WITHINSANITY has approached this from a creatively driven, intentional angle, though the result is something impossible to predict and yet somehow still incredibly satisfying to witness.

Where there are certain moments of quiet intensity, reminiscent of the darker intro scenes from the likes of Batman or other rather epic action films, there are subsequently moments of absolute electronic weight and industrial distortion. The latter half of the track explodes into this high octane, heavy and vibrant soundscape – the beat and the fuzz lifting you up out of your lull, and those same now familiar qualities from before still lingering in the outer layers. Despite its creative freedom, there are definite threads throughout this composition that keep your head in the right place and remind you where you are.

The second time you hear this, that neo-classical wash seems perfectly at home – you know what to look out for as the journey begins, and for the dance fans out there; you look forward to that EDM drop – the hit of that drum-line, and everything that comes with it. Then the layers start to build and intertwine – the human voice, distant and classic sounding, suggesting intensity and difficulty (in keeping with the theme implied by the title) – ah, things you can’t see – that falls in my department. 

It’s a brilliant track, really – a bold reminder of the endless possibilities out there when it comes to genuine, concentrated and passionate creativity. The artist has clearly allowed himself to get lost in the moment, and so, as a result, the listener can do so too. Absolutely worth a play at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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