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Winchester 7 & the Runners Catacomb Songs


The unique sound of Winchester 7 & the Runners emerges this season with that unmistakable ukulele pop-rock presence and some of their best songwriting yet.

The brand new album Catacomb Songs kicks off brilliantly with the infectious and provocative Dead Celebrities and New Beginnings, and it continues to lure you in with similar qualities throughout.

Partly organic folk and partly psychedelic, nostalgic rock, the project offers accessible vocals and simple, satisfying writing – strong melodies, humble performances, and everything necessary structurally to weave a catchy, uplifting web of escapism for winter listeners far and wide.

The Song That You Sing follows the opener and raises the rock pulse a little from the outset – a dash of distortion, a more sludgy, drawn-out melodic verse, and a level of depth that keeps you guessing throughout.

Then there’s the riff-strong brightness and mellow swagger of Up On The 13th Floor, a storyteller with another hint of distant grunge to the muggy vocal tone and progression – keeping your focus on the intentions of the writing, and the natural sway of the music.

Highlights from the nine-track project undoubtedly include the honest and inspiring Ever Said, with its memorable hook resolve and unapologetic realness. Riding High Again afterwards is easily another – heartfelt and scene-setting, deeply personal, captivating and cleverly blending melancholy, even regret, with a clear level of optimism.

Thick distortion and energy also lights up Arcade days well in response to the contemplation of earlier.

“We wrote Ever Said with a message to not be so hard on oneself.  It was like our mantra throughout the recording process and it ends up being one that I need to frequently remind myself of.”

The new album includes a bonus Jesus and Mary Chain cover, and all in all highlights a range of influences and the consistently true to its core sound of Winchester 7 & the Runners. A timeless new collection that’s easy to get into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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