Adopting a brilliantly colourful and energetic, punk-pop performance style and set up, Life As Mary’s latest release is easily one of their most attention grabbing and memorable to date – an impressive achievement, considering how catchy and likable all of their releases have been so far. Time Is Out offers up an addictively enthusiastic fusion … Continued

Pop PunkPop RockPunk-PopRock

This whole track utilizes both theme and language to build something consistently relevant and interesting – whilst also holding onto that necessary style and confidence to keep it rooted amidst today’s sound.

Hip Hop

Gangsta rap has taken something of a backseat in recent years, thanks to the rise of mumble rap and other sub-genres of the hip hop world. Strong A.R.M works hard to reignite that spark. His voice stands immensely tall on this record, the verses reach out thanks to a spacious and lightly synth-washed backdrop, so your focus is on the words – the journey, the bars, the calm yet intentional delivery.


The verses lay out detail and personality, a performance that meanders and is consistently expressive and interesting. At these moments, the soundscape connects more strongly, seeing the track suddenly feel like a genuine hit from yesteryear – a mid-album D12 or Outkast track, but with a fresh identity and intention.


Brooklyn Bri impresses in an instant with this single. The track talks openly of not falling victim to the industry – take control of your shit; don’t be a ‘stupid’ rapper – Bri’s lyrics thereafter follow a similar-minded pathway of individuality and self-awareness.


Sometimes simplicity is key, and Warm Blizzard has this down to a tee on his latest release. Love Me Now fills the room for merely a minute and a half, but really that’s all that’s needed to let this smooth beat and entrancing melody weave their way into your mind.