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When In May After The Breakup


Sublime recording quality allows the subtlety and clarity of the guitar sound of After the Breakup to set the mood in an instant. When In May carve out an emotive and genre-fusing pathway, programmed rhythms juxtaposing the organic and crisp guitar, with a breathy vocal somewhat blurring the lines between emo-rap and The xx.

There’s an anthemic vulnerability to this release, its musical simplicity opposed by the fearlessly revealing nature and grit of the writing and performance. Even the vocal delivery itself has a certain rawness, a scornful edge that grabs attention particularly during the second verse. Angst interjects to overcome any sense of stability, and still the beat goes on – the guitar riff mellow, the ambiance immersive and calming.

When In May continue to bridge the gaps between genres, a humble guitar solo replacing the vocal intensity on two occasions, the relatable references replaced by deeply personal ones that fascinate.

There’s a mild hint of dissonance to the questioning sections, something that stands out especially during the song’s final quarter – the breakdown moment of strictly vocal leadership. It showcases the realness of the When in May sound, and in fact reinforces that angst again – the lostness, the regret, the ache and imperfection.

An interesting style, refreshingly genuine and musically hypnotic. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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