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Wheel Of Time Grand Cosmos


An explosive introduction to a fine debut – progressive metal at a fast-paced and fearlessly intense yet rhythmically faultless level; Wheel Of Time showcase instrumental mastery, with Grand Cosmos.

Naturally approaching the seven-minute mark, Grand Cosmos promises the depth of journey that any progressive rock classic must, and employs brilliantly gritty vocals and poignantly contemplative lyrics alongside of its instrumental depth and precision.

There’s also an impressive fusion of genres throughout, with the two-minute-mark bringing a sort of arena-pop-rock or Muse-style vastness and melody, before returning to the distorted and nostalgic rock tones of prior as our venture continues.

Uncertain yet hopeful in everything from lyric to delivery to mood, Grand Cosmos feels like a purposeful and professionally-crafted hit from a simpler time. Forever evolving, utilising versatility but never at the cost of its essential roots in concept and style, Grand Cosmos is a real dream to escape into.

The passion-project of sensational guitarist Jimmie Hong, Grand Cosmos proves thoughtful and somehow both fiercely energetic and softly wonderous. Easily one of the most impactful debuts of the year so far. Undoubtedly an act worth looking out for in the coming months.

Download or stream Grand Cosmos. Find Wheel Of Time on Instagram, YouTube & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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