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We Don’t Ride Llamas (2 Inch) Grave


Real music!! A real band, authentically immersed in the moment, with conceptual depth intertwined amidst unrelenting creative expression. Set some time aside for this single and video – here’s a band with a name, style and story you won’t forget any time soon…

We Don’t Ride Llamas reignite the weight and intensity of hard rock and punk, with the uniquely recognisable, gritty and passionately scornful (2-Inch) Grave.

A haunting soundscape of cascading melodies, raw drums, heavy bass and a fiercely compelling vocal pours through with the raw artistry and angst of era’s past. We Don’t Ride Llamas deliver an unsettling and heartbreaking ode to lives lost, and in the process showcase a truly freeing and refreshing approach to modern music.

Written with just as much humanity as their own performances depict, (2-Inch) Grave is effectively a dedication to the 246 people who needlessly lost their lives during the Texas power cuts and winter storm of 2021. I Don’t Ride Llamas make you want to throw caution to the wind – throw yourself into the mosh pit, at the same time as crying your eyes out over the endless destructive decisions made by government officials across the globe.

Here we have an organic band with a clear-cut image and intention to shake things up creatively and performatively. An Austin-bred outfit that will no doubt make for an unmissable live act this year and beyond. I’m excited to hear more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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