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V12 What You Need


A heavy bass-line storms through the speakers on this latest release from V12. What You Need is a fairly nostalgic hip hop offering, providing plenty of space between these starkly contrasted layers that are the dreamlike riff and the industrial, distant beat. Meanwhile V12 moves through the details of his passionately delivered verses to the rhythmic embrace of the hook with an effortless style.

The story-telling on this track is immensely impressive, the latter half in particular showcases a sense of relevance and tale development that skillfully tips its hat to the rap greats of yesteryear. While the hook is a little simpler, contemporary and easy to recognize and vibe to, the verses see the artist veer off down a notably impressive pathway. These bars captivate right the way through, the details grow more interesting, and all the while the flow is relentless and never fails to hit the mark.

The further you get into What You Need, the more immersive and quite mind-blowing that performance becomes. The final verse is off the charts and concludes the experience and the purpose of the track in a brilliant way. A second listen then compels you all the more so. An impressive artist with an unquestionable level of ability as a rapper and writer.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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