If you haven’t listened to Anechoic Birds before, but you’re a fan of musicianship and rap united – hip hop with a notably melody and mood-conscious aura – Blessed is fine choice to make.

Hip Hop

The sweetness of the soundscape is matched by the character and flair of the leading voice; familiarity and freshness intertwine, and meanwhile genre labels are thrown aside as the sheer pleasure of well-crafted, intentional music fills the room.

Alt PopRnBTrip-Hop

The further you get into What You Need, the more immersive and quite mind-blowing that performance becomes. The final verse is off the charts and concludes the experience and the purpose of the track in a brilliant way.


This style is undoubtedly influenced by the alternative or somewhat less mainstream aspects of hip hop. Things get creative in an uninhibited manner, Jxhn Crxw performs – he doesn’t just read lyrics to you, nor does he improvise with meaningless ideas or no intention.


There’s something refreshingly artistic and satisfying about this approach to songwriting and indeed to hip hop – the genre doesn’t confine, but rather, it offers a runway; from which committed and capable artists can take off into any realm of music they choose.