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Unfinished Skirmish Cody JN


Unfinished Skirmish is the immense new release from artist and creative producer Cody JN. The track emerges like no other and continues to overwhelm with a continuously experimental, hypnotic soundscape that cascades around you from start to finish.

The music here stands out for so many reasons, the overall mood of the music is maintained throughout and there are definite traits or characteristics that stay present and clear at all times. For the most part though, everything else appears unexpectedly – these unpredictable, creative details step up to centre stage one by one, building essentially an other-worldly ambiance that is as complex as it is haunting.

The music begins with a simple yet powerful audio snippet that lays the foundation and sets the scene effectively. The sound of rain is familiar, the distant and increasingly intense crackle of the electronic world is not so familiar – very quickly the piece brings together elements that feel very human or real and those which are completely inventive or alien.

On occasion the music feels like an epic moment of drama and weight – a cinematic explosion, the point in the movie at which the chase erupts or the truth begins to make itself known. At other times there becomes this hypnotic chaos that surrounds and soaks you in the way that any addictive and satisfying piece of instrumental, orchestral or electronic music should. In either case, your attention is held captive, and that ongoing piano part plays and plays – keeping the thread alive, carrying that touch of humanity with it as the additional elements explode into something much more inventive and fresh. It’s difficult to even pin point many of the samples or effects used within, and that’s the beauty of this meeting of creative freedom and professionalism. Cody JN is making music that stands out as new, as his. It’s refreshing, and particularly memorable.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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