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What a stunning discovery. Reaper is likely to win your affection from the very start. The seductive hit of that bass riff is soon accompanied by a very thick yet mellow beat, both of which then come face to face with the slick and satisfying sound of the guitar – all in the opening moments, and from then on it’s nothing short of classic rock bliss.

The whole sound of this song has a greatly appealing hint of nostalgia to it, but for the first minute or so this is not something you’re too likely to think about. The elements of the song come in quite gradually, one by one, step by step, and each time it’s something that just makes you ecstatic that things are still far exceeding your expectations.

The intro sets the scene by itself, the music creates a mood that draws you in, welcomes you, makes you feel at home – then really there is a moment of anticipation that the vocal or the hook or something that comes in later on will let the whole thing down, but it honestly never happens. The song has everything rock or grunge fans will have loved back in the day, musically speaking and also in the substance; the ideas, the things that it wants you to think about. Alongside this though, it also brings something hugely exciting and fresh to the stage, and that leading vocal is just incredible.

Reaper is well written, it’s perhaps a little longer than your average radio friendly track, but perfect considering the classic rock genre and the relevant and passionate company it’s kept over time. The intro to the song is superb, a really skillful way to draw an audience in. The track later evolves into something much harder hitting, but still very much in tune with it’s own expression and soundscape. Those broken down, gentler moments create a really striking contrast with the heavier ones, so you get to fully appreciate the loudness in the song, as well as the subtlety, and that’s effective song writing. Plus, the track sounds and feels fantastic when you turn it up loud, production wise everything has been captured beautifully, and it’s highly likely the band will sound exactly the same at live shows as they do on their recordings, so you know you can put your trust in them.

It’s a must to listen to more tracks from Underwing. Delve into that genuine rock sound a little further, explore the songwriting in all of it’s forms, and revel in the striking new sound of that leading vocal. A genuinely talented and passionate band for rock fans to seek out and soak up. Find and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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