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Ultra_eko Soul’s Code


Seamlessly fusing melody and spoken word, high energy and softness, Soul’s Code creates a unique climate uniting trip hop, world music and hip hop – standing tall on the strength of a hypnotic soundscape, and a wholly captivating, hard-hitting lyrical backbone.

One of our generation’s most prolific and insightful, compelling poets, Ultra_eko blends a dreamlike, piano-led ambiance, with faultless vocals; delivering bar after bar, or page after page of the story, while barely pausing to breathe.

As with all of his work, a single listen is far from enough – a fact proven throughout the brand new EP Kitchen Sink Dramas. In this case, these poetic images and references join forces with the soulful gentleness at the centre of the experience. The ocean, the calm, the colour, juxtaposed by the uncertainty and compelling level of detail on show during the verses.

Stunning, a categorically unique alternative hip hop track, which lays bare unwavering talent, absolute passion, and a powerful sense of identity.

Check out our exclusive interview with Ultra_eko. Find & follow him on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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